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Meet the team

Gary Cox

Gary Cox: Chairperson of the MoveTheMiner Campaign

I worked at Betteshanger Colliery for several years.

My Father and both of my Grandfathers were miners for most of their lives.

I am involved in this campaign to keep their Memories and the History of Coalmining in Kent alive.

Jimmy Davies: Vice-Chairman

Jim's family came down from Wales many years ago and he was the last working miner in Kent. This accolade is double edged for Jim and he has become our leading Historian on Mining in Kent.

His dedication to keeping our Heritage alive is prolific.

With his wealth of knowledge and his collection of pictures, films, songs, poems and memorabilia, our Mining Heritage will be kept alive.

Jim's wife Jean, seen in the picture, has been part of this campaign for many years. There are many supporters like Jean who have helped us to succeed.


Peter Holden: Secretary

Hello everybody I would like to introduce my-self, my name is Peter Michael Holden, I am a Ex Miner who worked at "Betteshanger Colliery" in Kent, I left school at the age of fifteen [15] and started work in 1960 at "Betteshanger Colliery" having past my medical, I trained for three [3] years, going underground once a week, and college [Canterbury] once a week, also surface training, haulage, and first aid. [more]


Christine Haggart: Secretary

Hello I am Christine Haggart.

 I became involved with the Move the Miner Campaign through my husband, Cyril Rogers who worked at Tilmanstone and Betteshanger Collieries and I am very fortunate to be a part of keeping alive the history and heritage of the Kent Area Coalfields.

Cyril Rogers: Committee Member

Cyril worked at Tilmanstone & Betteshanger Collieries.

He is one of the original ex-miners who campaigned to move

the Miners Statue.

To win a campaign like this, you need drive and dedication and this campaign would have faulted along the way, without Cyril’s passion to get the statue moved.

His drive comes from being proud to have been a miner and being part of a community that stood side by side and by wanting that community spirit and heritage to survive into the future.


Ross Llewellyn: Committee

Ross worked at Chislet Colliery, I know that if it was not for Ross coming forward and joining our committee, Chislet would not have been represented and that would have been a disaster for this campaign.

I come from a coalmining family originally from S Wales my grandfather, father, uncles and my brother all worked in the mines I was born in Hersden in 1938 the village would have only been in existence for 9 years. [more]

Philip Sutcliffe: Ex-Vice-Chairperson

Philip worked at Snowdown Colliery and in some ways, he had the hardest job at the start of our Campaign.

He had to convincing the good people of Aylesham to move the statue to somewhere on the Miners Way Trail and that was not an easy task.

Many wanted the Statue to go to Aylesham but he succeeded in convincing them that it was for the good of all Kent Miners.

Without Phillips commitment to this campaign we might have failed.
















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