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Peter Holden: Secretary

Hello everybody I would like to introduce my-self, my name is Peter Michael Holden, I am a Ex Miner who worked at "Betteshanger Colliery" in Kent, I left school at the age of fifteen [15] and started work in 1960 at "Betteshanger Colliery" having past my medical, I trained for three [3] years, going underground once a week, and college [Canterbury] once a week, also surface training, haulage, and first aid.

I am sixty-four [64] years of age, and worked at "Betteshanger Colliery" from 1960 to 1985 at the age of eighteen [18] I finished my face training, and worked in the mine as a [Ripper] this involved constructing steel archways for roadways, to deliver materials, and to convey coal to the pit bottom, to be raised to the surface.

From 1960 I was involved in all Major disputes, and strikes, including the historical 1984-85 miners strike, I was arrested, and spent time in prison, just for trying to protect and save jobs, like thousands of other miners around the country.
I was involved in the occupation of "Betteshanger Colliery" it continued four [4] days, I spent two [2] of these days on top of a water tower, with a comrade observing hundreds of police on the A258 Deal to Sandwich road waiting to storm the colliery, and regain the property, this never happened!

I remain a sacked and victimised miner, and received no payment from the N. C. B. after the return to work, like many other victimised miners.

I retired in 2004 with a injury to my back while working, and have P. M. S. which was diagnosed in January 2008 I worked for the N. H. S. with the mentally ill with challenging behaviour.

I am the Secretary/ project Manager of the "Betteshanger Social Club & Community Centre" which was the old "Betteshanger Colliery Miners Social Club" when the Colliery was working.
I am also a Trustee of the "Betteshanger Social Welfare Scheme" and Secretary/ Treasurer of the "MOVE THE MINER CAMPAIGN"



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